This rug looks beautiful in their room.

This rug looks beautiful in their room.

A while ago a couple of friends bought their first house. As they needed a rug to help with their cold floors, they came to me. We talked a bit about colors and about what sort of styling they wanted. They were on a budget but wanted a higher quality rug. Luckily for them, one of our manufacturers went out of business earlier in the year and we happened to get some great deals on a few hand knotted rugs. At Rugs Galore if we get a discount on a rug, we like to pass that discount on to our customers. With the discount it fit into their budget and it is an heirloom quality rug that can easily last 100 years if cared for.

We did look at a couple of other rugs as well but these two had an eye for quality. Even though they weren’t completely sure on the color they took it home on a three day trial.  We understand that it is sometimes difficult to truly judge a rug until it is on your floor with your furniture. The rug looks stunning in their home and they could not be happier. I was even surprised at how truly beautiful the rug looked. Even their pets approved!

I know that taking an area rug home and trying it out is impossible for our customers outside of the Seattle area. Also, Shipping on larger rugs can also cost more than $50. For our customers in other states we recommend that you order a small one first to check out the colors and quality first. You can also call us at 1-800-275-7020 to ask us our opinions on the rugs you are looking at. We love happy customers and also pictures of your beautiful rugs!

So remember, a rug can really make a room. It’s always easiest to pick your rug first and then your furniture but we have a huge selection and can help you find a rug for any room with any colors.

Bleach3 You have heard us mention by now that polypropylene is fade and stain resistant. To help prove this fact I have poured bleach on a polypropylene rug through a green cotton rag. To the left you can see the steps, below I will summarize them. I did this experiment in my bathtub where there sadly was not enough ventilation and my house smelled like bleach for hours.

1. This is the rag sitting on top of the area rug before any bleach was poured on. The rag does already have a couple of bleach stains on it but at this point it was still its original green color.


2. This is the bottle of bleach I used. It was purchased at target.


3. This is the wet mark from the poured on bleach. You can see that the bleach started working by the time I had the cap back on and my camera out around the edges.


4. This is the rag after about an hour. At this point it had turned a light yellow color.  You can see the imprint of the stain on it still. At this point I also rinsed it off so that the rag would be safe to touch.


5. The rag has been pulled aside, you can see that the rug is entirely fine and color safe underneath.

In conclusion you can see that if you need to constantly clean your rug or if you need something completely colorfast, polypropylene is a material for you. The rugs work great in dining rooms or kitchens if you have messy family member. I also recommend it for laundry rooms or any other room that can get particularly dirty. Polypropylene does have disadvantages but bleach or stains are not one of them.


The rug came out a little bit wrinkled but luckily it flattens out in no time and still looks great!

The rug came out a little bit wrinkled but luckily it flattens out in no time and still looks great!

I purchased a Jaipur Fables area rugs not too long ago. It resides in my bathroom next to the shower. Bathrooms can be hard on rugs and they will require cleaning. In my eternal quest to find out the limits of each material and construction I have put this little 2 x 3 through as much as I can. After the first time the rug became dirty I threw it in the washing machine. Unsure if it would suffer the same horrible fate as a polypropylene rug and a hand hooked cotton rug, I went ahead anyways as it needed cleaned and was not worth paying for professional cleaning.

First I feel I should talk about the fate of the other two area rugs. The polypropylene did manage to retain its color fastness and held up well in the washing machine with its sturdy machine made construction. It did however, not fare so well in the dryer, polypropylene has a low melting point and as such it melted a bit and ended up a bit crusty. Walking on it in socks after this happened was much like walking on velcro and left the rug unusable. The cotton rug did not have the same melted fate but its colors faded significantly with each wash. Not only did it fade horribly but on its first trip through my old top load washing machine it had gotten caught and the end was frayed. The cotton rug was still useable but rather ugly to look at.

Luckily for me my new viscose rug has had a much better fate. It has been through my washer and dryer about 5 to 10 times and still look brand new. I do now have a front load washing machine which is much gentler than a top loader. I am pleasantly surprised by how hardy this rug is, I expected it to fade or fall apart but it did neither. The best part is how wonderful it feels, viscose rugs are made to look and feel like silk. I love stepping on to it straight out of the shower. It also creates a a beautiful look that I could not get with a standard bathroom rug.

Nourison 2000 2117 Lavender in a fun octagon shape

Octagon rugs can be an interesting addition to any room. They also can fit better in a room with diagonal rooms. A lot of customers have bought them for odd shaped dining rooms in order to fit better under a table. Most octagons come in a standard 8 foot diameter (from flat side to flat side,) but there are also 6 foot and 8 foot octagons.

Rugs galore has over 350 octagon designs for you to choose from. So there are plenty of octagon area rugs to choose from. We also have tons of Square Rugs, Oval Rugs and Round Rugs if you are in the market for other non-rectangular and rare shapes. Octagon rugs also not only come in traditional designs but also contemporary designs so there is an octagon to fit your decorational needs.

This tufted wool and art silk rug is Miami by Jaipur and is one of my favorite for the two tone rugs.

This tufted wool and art silk rug is Miami by Jaipur and is one of my favorite for the two tone rugs.

I remember first seeing interest in Surya’s Fallon collection a few years ago. The repeating pattern and use of only one color along with an ivory was appealing to the eye. It was clean looking but still looked somehow comfortable. The only consumer complaint I got was about it’s being flat woven. These designs did start out just as flat woven wool pieces but have moved on to plush and thick hand tufted rugs.

A lot of companies have been flooding the market with this particular aesthetic, making more than a few customers a littler worried. Honestly the design and pattern are rather timeless. The only thing that might “date” your rug is your color pallette. Also there is a concern about how common they are. I could this being more of a problem with a less versatile design, these are simple enough you can pair them with just about anything. Have a large sectional or a dainty wing-back chair? No problem, these rugs will fit right in.

Sometimes I wonder about area rug trends. Sometimes I really want to know what on earth the world’s designers are thinking. This, isn’t one of those times. I personally love these rugs and the variety of colors and textures you can get out of them

The colors in this Surya rug go perfectly with the colors and overall theme of the room

The colors in this Surya rug go perfectly with the colors and overall theme of the room

In the past couple of months I have gotten some really great pictures of rugs from customers. I want to share them and hopefully help inspire your room. This first rug was sent to me by a customer when she was actually sent an incorrect rug. She had ordered 2 identical rugs but when she got them open, one of them was a completely different colorway. In order to get the area rug picked up more quickly she sent me some photos both of the correct rug and of the incorrect rug. The moment  I saw the picture of the correct rug, I was hit with the realization that her rug was perfect for the space. Her rug was the one that inspired this series.

A rug can make a house a home and define a space without having to use enclosures. While not all of the colors in the rug are utilized in the room, the rug pulls colors from the walls and accents to give an over all feel of cohesion. After seeing this rug in her room, I cannot image another rug more perfect for the space. The rug not only gives your feet something soft and warm but it also softens and warms the entire room, making it more livable.

Here you can see a Karastan wool rug that was in our from window. Notice how the edge is a different color. The edge was the only part of the rug that was exposed and was thus fadded by the sun

Here you can see a Karastan wool rug that was in our from window. Notice how the edge is a different color. The edge was the only part of the rug that was exposed and was thus faded by the sun.

We have a couple of stacks of rugs right in the windows of our business and it really shows how much a rug can fade in the sun. Of course being in a pile, only the edges fade so we have to rotate them sometimes so they get a symmetrical fade.

When the rug is on your home in a brightly lit room, it could fade. This is more likely in a wool, cotton or viscose rug. If you have a polypropylene (olefin) rug it won’t fade because of the way the rugs are made. When you have a rug in a well lit area, make sure to rotate it every few months so you don’t get spots that are noticeably lighter than the rest of your area rug. Obviously in darker areas of your house this is much less of a problem since it take a fair amount of sunlight to fade a rug. If you are going to get a rug that is prone to fading and are going to put it in a well lit area, I suggest picking something with a symmetrical pattern so that it won’t look upside down when you rotate it. Of course you can always go with polypropylene if you don’t want to deal with it at all but you will lose some of the excellent wearability that nylon and wool have to offer. No Matter your choice, remember to pick out a rug that has a style and color that you love.


Here you can see how to snip the spout

Here you can see how to snip the spout

If you have a wool rug, you will have some sprouting. Rug sprouts happen when you vacuum and are left over from when the rug was sheared. Even a well sheared rug will have some sprouts just because some to the yarns won’t be sticking straight up and down when it’s cut. Don’t panic, area rugs sprout and it’s an easy fix.

Some rugs sprout more than other, while some will just have one or two a month, others will get lots of little sprouts after being vacuumed or walked on. All you need to fix your sprouting rug is a pair of scissors and a steady hand. Take the scissors and hold them level with the regular pile height of the rug. Position them around the sprout and snip! Your sprout will be gone and your rug will look a lot better. If this sounds like too much work, don’t worry there are lots of synthetic rugs you can buy and they don’t tend to sprout. Just remember if you go synthetic, you won’t get that nice warmth that wool provides but sometimes easy care is the way to go for your your life!

To continue on about which rugs will sprout the most, hand tufted rugs will be the most likely to sprout. Also hard twist yarns tend to sprout more as they relax. A hard twist is what it sounds like, it’s where they twist the yarn tightly creating a kind of curl. Those of you with curly hair know how much you can stretch it out and make it look longer. Only you cant re-twist a yarn so you’ll have to just cut it off, unlike hair.

Here you can see a regular Nourison Chambord rug next to a Karastan Sample.

Here you can see a regular Nourison Chambord rug next to a Karastan Sample.

Lately we have been getting a lot more samples in and I have been asked what  the difference is between the sample and a small rug (generally a 2×3.)

For starters samples usually cost less to purchase. They are less expensive because they are usually just a small cutout piece of a larger rug, instead of having their own design. Samples are also cheaper to ship back because they are smaller than the smallest actual rug. Being smaller they also have the advantage of being easier to carry around and compare to paint samples, curtains, furniture etc. Of course of you actually need a small rug for your home (anything 4×6 or less) we would suggest just going with the little rug instead of buying a sample first.

As you can see from the image the rug on the left has a simple but complete pattern. The one on the right only has part of the border. Also the right is smaller making it easier to ship haul to a store to compare colors. With our 30 day return policy, you should have plenty of time to haul your sample around and pick out anything else you need for your room.

My rug before a steam cleaning, notice all the spots and stains from the last 9 months or so.

My rug before a steam cleaning, notice all the spots and stains from the last 9 months or so.

Short answer: It’s not recommended. You’ll notice the tag on your rug says professional clean only.

And now for the long answer:

Although the manufacturer does not recommend you clean your rug yourself and while it can shorten the life of your rug (just like with clothes if the washer is too rough, they don’t last as long.) Although if you bought a cheap rug because you have kids, pets or messy people in your house on a regular basis; a good steam cleaning might be a better option than paying a professional or buying a new one. Will steam cleaning get the rug as clean as a professional will? Most likely not, but it will certainly be more affordable.

Some things to keep in mind before steam cleaning:
*wool, nylon, polyester, acrylic, viscose, chenille and most other fibers can bleed. This is exceptionally bad if you have dark colors next to light colors in your rug.
*Polypropylene or Olefin does not bleed (or fade / stain) but it tend to mat up if it gets too hot so be careful with high hear machines (these are better cleaned with luke warm water or colder.
*This sort of cleaning can shorten the life of your rug.
*If the rug does not dry out completely within about 12 hours or so, you can be running the risk of growing mildew or other things that like a moist environment.
*If you own a Karastan, please note that they do have a 15 year warranty and if you steam clean it, it will be void.

Here is the same spot (from a different angle) Notice how much cleaner it looks after being steam cleaned.

Here is the same spot (from a different angle) Notice how much cleaner it looks after being steam cleaned.

Now that I have properly warned you, I’ll get into the cleaning. Spot test first!!!! Make sure the water temp and the soap being used doesn’t cause your rug to bleed, fade, stain or otherwise not look as nice; Do this somewhere you won’t notice it on a regular basis if its discolored. Make sure to use the mildest detergent possible that doesn’t foam too much. Of course you can use the normal steam cleaning soloution they sell in stores but I always think the stuff smells terrible. I use my laundry detergent but very diluted and do a lot of rinsing with the steam cleaner. Never use bleach, this can fade or damage your rug. Feel free on a hot day to steam clean  the back of your rug too to get it extra clean, I used this method when potty training rescued kittens that were living in my home last spring and summer.

That should cover whether or not you can and should steam clean your area rug. Just be careful and remember that is not recommended by the manufacturer but might an affordable alternative to buying a new rug or taking it to a professional.


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