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Mills River Industries

Mills River Industries is a family-owned business started back in 1981. We have always strived to provide our customers with the best quality and designs possible. We are proudly continuing the American tradition of making quality flat braided rugs. We will continue this tradition on into this new century. Thank you for stopping by and giving us a look! Skill crafted with pride... rugs, runners, chair pads and more! We were having some trouble coming up with a phrase that best described our rugs. They’re not handmade, we do use braiders and sewing machines, and they’re not machine made, either. Many of the steps in our production process are done by hand and require experience and skill. That is how we came up with the term “Skill Crafted”. We believe you will see the difference between a “Skill Crafted” rug and a mass produced bargain rug. It’s a good feeling knowing that Mills River rugs are made here in the USA by skilled people who take pride in their work. A pride that shows in every stitch. From start to finish, Mills River rugs do their part to help our environment. The core in our braid is made from leftover ends of giant rolls of woven material that often ended up in landfills. We’ve found it makes the best core for our rugs. The fabrics we use are the remnants from textile mills. Putting all of these great materials to good use makes Mills River rugs beautiful inside and out!

If you are interested in a Mills River rug not shown on our website please call 1 (800) 275-7020 for our low competitive pricing.