Amer Blend BLN-1 Rug

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Blend is a hand loomed collection, made from New Zealand wool and art silk. These thick rugs are durable as well as stylish.
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Blend is a hand loomed collection, made from New Zealand wool and art silk. These thick rugs are durable as well as stylish.

New Zealand Wool and Silk
Thick (about 1 inch)

Over 29 years ago, a young man in India named Mahesh Choudhary had a vision for his country and it's weaving artisans; to become one of the largest exporters of fine hand-made carpets. He began building on this dream by forming a company called Saraswati Exports that he named after his mother which has grown from a small team so long ago to now being one of the largest vertically integrated rug producing companies in India; exporting the finest hand-made woolen carpets in the world. Saraswati has all in-house wool cleaning, spinning, dyeing, pattern designing, weaving and finishing processes commanding position in the Indian Carpet Industry.

Today owning all production centers, Mahesh Choudhary and his family direct the manufacturing of carpets which are painstakingly created by over tens-of-thousands employed valued artisans on their 5,000 tufted and knotted looms which encompass sophisticated monitoring systems to determine daily progress. In addition, Saraswati Exports possesses state-of-the-art automated wool and silk dyeing and drying machinery; including extensive labs and test equipment to monitor grades of wool and quality, along with facilities and equipment for both vegetable and chrome dyeing. Not to mention encompassing one of India’s largest design and development departments. They export on a daily basis to the USA, Canada, Germany, Spain, Greece, United Kingdom, Turkey, Australia, Singapore, and South Africa supplying some of the most well known carpet wholesalers in the world.

The vision is still being nurtured with the start of Amer Rugs which gives a vital arm to the United States market; allowing exquisite oriental hand-made rugs to be directly offered from Saraswati’s gifted artisans. The exclusive all-embracing program presented in this catalog is housed in Atlanta, Georgia and will dominate the marketplace due to the quality, fashion driven innovative designs and colors of each product while being totally conscious to their customers’ needs and the artisans who make these creations.

Our vision is shaped by innovation; our ambition is drive; our team is our strength; and our customers are our true value. Our custom is to constantly transform technology to its maximum potential and put consistency in quality and customer service.

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