Frequently Asked Questions


Is it easier to match a rug to a room or a room to a rug?

It is easiest to start with the rug so that you can allow yourself to fall in love with the pattern and then match your paint and fabric colors to it.

Why does it say that colors are for illustration purposes only?

The surrounding lighting & colors next to a rug can make the rug look a different color. Also some of our rugs are wool, different batches will absorb the dyes differently and there can be some variation, this is called dye lot variation.


If I order a rug will it look exactly like the picture (in regards to pattern)?

Generally the image shown will be of a 5x8 (or closest size) anything larger or smaller than that may be redesigned to fit.

If I order a smaller rug or larger rug than pictured, what sort of pattern variation for the picture can I expect?

Smaller rugs tend to have less pattern detail and larger rugs tend to have more detail. This is because the weave of the rug does not change and get tighter with smaller rugs. Because of this, a small rug will have less overall points (each individual yarn) and with less points there cannot be as much detail.


Are the sizes listed true to the actual size of the rug I will be getting?

The sizes listed are as accurate as possible, due to the hand made nature of the rugs there can be up to a 5% variation from the sizes listed.

Custom Rugs

Do you sell custom rugs?

Quite a few of our rug can be custom made into large rugs. Please contact us to ask if the the pattern you like can be made into a custom size.

How long does a custom order take?

Generally custom orders take 4-8 months.

How do I pay for a custom order?

Custom orders are non-refundable and we ask for a half upfront payment and then the other half right before the rug ships.


What sort of payments do you accept?

We accept VISA, Mastercard, American Express and Discover

Can I make payments or put a rug on layaway?

At this time, this is not a service that we offer.

Shipping and Returns

When returning a rug, do you send me a label and/or packaging?

No, at this time you are responsible for wrapping the rug up and taking it to a shipping carrier to return it.

Why do I need to pay for insurance?

Sometimes packages get lost in the mail. If we do not get your return, we can't refund you. Insurance means that you can get a refund through the shipping company if something happens.